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Remember, you are the author of your own story. With courage and determination, you can write a narrative of triumph. 

SGDEnglish has always focused on improving communication skills as well as developing better personal and professional skills. 

The objective for us here is to determine what exactly the client (or student) needs and understand their overall targets so that we can tailor a method of instruction that will best help them to meet their objectives.

We have had substantial experience in many different fields over the years, guiding clients through job interviews for their very first job, as well as those interviews that take them to the level of Partner in the companies they work in.

Our interest is in sharing our experience and watching people grow.

Come and take advantage of willing professionals prepared to teach and even coach you through those next steps toward success. 

Online Sessions

The following tools are essential when having online sessions. Adobe provides a free version of its PDF reader, Google KEEP is the online tool that we use extensively for our collaborative work with clients and DOCHUB is an online resource for reading and making notes on PDF documents and files. Google SHEETS, SLIDES, and DOCS are also favorites of ours and can be accessed through the links provided. The environment used is Google because of its plethora of easily accessible tools so we recommend that you have a Gmail account too, to more easily take advantage of what we have to share with you.

While face-to-face, in person sessions might be considered the optimum way of getting a lesson across, in today's world the need to be able to communicate across all mediums has become essential.

To this end, even locally based sessions can be given using Teams, Google Meet (or even WhatsApp if necessary). The reasoning  behind this is that more and more people are faced with increasingly difficult timetables, challenges of communicating with people in different parts of the world, or simply don't have the facilities, time or location to make regular face-to-face sessions possible.

We have vast experience in providing lessons, coaching, interview practice and orientation using Online methods. The internet does provide us with reasonably good but basic collaboration tools, Google Keep for example, as well as other resources to facilitate this kind of activity.  See our help in using Google Keep section

Rather than planning on receiving a consultant at your place of work or home, consider the advantages afforded through having Online sessions instead. 

All our courses require an initial interview. This can be booked here or you can simply use this time for any one-on-one inquiries.


Carlos Eduardo Marcolin - Latam Sales Operations and Trade Marketing Director

The techniques used by Shane to challenge your English skills are amazing. Bringing to our classes subjects totally different from my daily and ordinary work, he challenges me to use a broader vocabulary and study themes that I wouldn’t without him. I believe that Shane’s methodology is effective and brought me the confidence to leave my comfort zone and get into a wider range of discussions.

Silvio Canteli - Commercial Model Operation Leader at Avon - Natura&CO group

Shane is an extremely results-oriented, disciplined, fun and humorous teacher, in addition to being technically great. He is a great human being with an ability to go beyond, often being a coach in addition to being a teacher. It has been a pleasure to have your services and friendship. 

Gabor Tuba - Senior. Trader at ASR Group 

Shane is possibly the best English Teacher that I've ever had. I would actually prefer Gregory but he insisted on Shane. His Portuguese is terrible so the class flows very well in English. All joking aside, I've been Shane's student for several years and I really enjoy studying with him. It is very satisfying for me to see my fluency, writing, and reading in English, improving after every class. He catches mistakes that I make when I speak this foreign language that many non-native teachers wouldn't. SGDEnglish has been helping me at work advising the best structures to use in important emails to different key people. By the way, I thought that my English was good in the past but when I started to work with American and English people directly I realized that we Brazilians tend to make terrible mistakes in English. SGDEnglish has been great for me with this challenge, where there is no limit to learning and practicing a language. 

Service Provided

Rita de Cássia da Silva Puoço 

My journey with SGDENGLISH started in 2017 when I needed to improve my skills to travel to Germany. The Frankfurt Book Fair was a dream! Shane was able to help me to break my fears in my first job in another country, learning how to attend a meeting in English, and live an important experience in my career. Since then, as a Publisher, I’ve been learning how to apply the English language to several challenges: speeches, interviews, preparing some texts, studying authors and subjects to contract the best books to publish in Brazil.

Life and Professional Coaching:

After 23 years in an important company, I was feeling completely lost in how to return to the market. More than studying English, I was able to receive motivating words and tips to build a small plan to restart.  Trust and respect have built a good relationship to learn about life! 

Aline Paz de Oliveira 

Interview Preparation

Excellent teacher! My experience with Shane has been very pleasant from the beginning.

His strong background as an English teacher and teaching method helped me a lot in two important moments of my career that I had to be prepared for an English Interview to get a new job opportunity.

During the preparation, we had an opportunity to simulate an interview and his expertise was the key to my success as I have been approved in both moments.

More than English classes, he gave me confidence to prove myself that I could get a good result.

Wholehearted thanks for everything, Shane! 

Presentation English

SGDEnglish Presentation - 2-2


SGDEnglish Presentation - 2-2 - Port

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SGDEnglish is located in Brazil and currently attends not only the Brazilian market, but is also geared towards attending other parts of the world.

Our activities are extended beyond physical borders with the use of  Meet, Teams and WhatsApp

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