All services are provided in English and are for individual clients. No groups are catered for. Our services are varied and include the following

Professional mentoring

Professional mentoring is not offered here as coaching, at the level of fully qualified coaches. Sometimes you don't always need a full-blooded coaching session, but simply some guidance and guidelines to follow in order to understand what decisions need to be made.

We specialize in drawing from years of experience in different environments where coaching was never made available to help us and we were forced to learn through the mistakes that were made.

Coaching helps clarify many different types of situations, the criteria that can be adopted to break issues into more easily manageable tasks and finding ways to take a losing position and making it into a winning position for everyone.

Even more importantly, ETHICS is discussed freely and openly in an attempt to counter trends towards unethical decision making practices.

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Life coaching

Life coaching can cover a wide range of subjects, but what is mostly dealt with in this context is guiding people through stressful, emotionally taxing moments, or even simply understanding how to achieve a better work life balance.

Mindfulness too is essential, as much as conflict resolution.

If understanding your current work life responsibilities is proving difficult, then give this a try.

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Effective Communication

Often speaking a second language is challenging, especially when very little is known about the target audience.

Imagine though, how difficult it is when communication suffers even in your own language.

Using the right techniques with the right language in the right environment is where we can be of great help.

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Job interview preparation

Preparing for a job is a daunting task, especially when not in your own language.

We have a great deal of experience in helping people prepare for something they very rarely need to put into practice. This involves analyzing the opportunity, their own credentials, their CV (we can even translate their CV into English if required), provide Interview simulations and general coaching on ways to improve performance and guarantee a positive outcome.

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Fluency practice

Sometimes just being able to talk about everyday events is so important.

This is the next step after having drilled through grammar. This is where any subject under the sun can be your focus for as long as you wish.

Topics include Politics, Economics, the sciences, Computing, culture, Sports, fairplay, latest trends and so many others. Whatever your interest may be, there is surely some way that this can be included here.

You can be sure that we have you covered!

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Translation services

This is a service we provide usually in conjunction with other services.

Currently, only Portuguese to English translations are available and depend a lot on the type of material, field of interest and urgency.

Cost is calculated on an hourly basis.

The quality of the result is fully dependent on the quality of the original material.

English Language Teaching

While English is the base behind all our services, our focus is NOT bound to Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

This type of service is best done by a School that has dedicated itself to this purpose for more than 30 years.

Executive English is always your best option from the most basic students, to the more proficient. Click on this link to learn more about what they have to offer.

And for those who really need it.......

We will be adding more services in the future as demand grows.