Online Sessions

While face-to-face, in person sessions might be considered the optimum way of getting a lesson across, in today's world the need to be able to communicate across all mediums has become essential.

To this end, even locally based sessions can be given using Teams, Google Meet (or even WhatsApp if necessary). The reasoning behind this is that more and more people are faced with increasingly difficult timetables, challenges of communicating with people in different parts of the world, or simply don't have the facilities, time or location to make regular face-to-face sessions possible.

We have vast experience in providing lessons, coaching, interview practice and orientation using Online methods. The internet does provide us with reasonably good but basic collaboration tools, Google Keep for example, as well as other resources to facilitate this kind of activity. See our help in using Google Keep section

Rather than planning on receiving a consultant at your place of work or home, consider the advantages afforded through having Online sessions instead.

All our courses require an initial interview. This can be booked here or you can simply use this time for any one-on-one inquiries.

The following tools are essential when having online sessions. Adobe provides a free version of its PDF reader, Google KEEP is the online tool that we use extensively for our collaborative work with clients and DOCHUB is an online resource for reading and making notes on PDF documents and files. Google SHEETS, SLIDES, and DOCS are also favorites of ours and can be accessed through the links provided. The environment used is Google because of its plethora of easily accessible tools so we recommend that you have a Gmail account too, to more easily take advantage of what we have to share with you.

Google Meet

Our primary choice - Bookings are coordinated directly by us

Microsoft Teams

Secondary choice - Corporate clients are usually required to provide invitations