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SGDEnglish is the first of a number of options to be made available under the SGD banner

SGD is derived from the first letters of my name, the first of which is Shane

I was born and grew up in New Zealand. Reading was always of great interest to me, as were the challenges of an ever changing and developing world. I qualified and worked as a professional Chef for a number of years before being given the chance of working on an island in the Pacific, paradise.

From there I travelled to Scotland where I was forced to relearn my profession as a Chef. It was there that computing became the challenge of the day, to the extent that working as a Chef seemed very tame indeed.

After having experienced the wonders and woes of Scotland, my next stop was Brazil.

I have been in Brazil since 1989 and have faced and benefited from some of life's greatest challenges.

Teaching English was the only option available for a newly arrived foreigner to Brazil, especially someone who could not speak Portuguese. Having found myself able to Teach and adapt relatively easily to this new environment, it also became evident that my interest in computing would serve me well too. As a result, 9 years of my life were spent in honing my skills around the concepts and practices of IT deployment and processes - a truly challenging and rewarding experience.

Alas, age takes its toll, so teaching has been my 'solace' ever since.

I am a native speaker of English with vast experience in multiple fields with multiple levels of responsibility. These fields now include; Finance, Economics, Politics, Coaching, Sociology, IT management & operations as well as many other closely or even distantly related topics.

If you are looking for a way to practice the English you have studied, or to enhance your level of English by discussing your field of interest, or your future interests, would like to brush up on your structures, need to brush the rustiness out of your current usage or even learn a little more about Grammar with me (I am still learning this myself), then contact us and discuss what it is we can do together.



That's me, designing more challenges for my clients

Chiquinha, my trusty assistant

When night falls around me...

Sao Paulo, a constantly growing metropolis.