The basic concept of the services we provide is to charge on an hourly basis. The rate is a flat rate of $24.00 per hour converted into your own currency at the time of booking or the time of payment, whichever is convenient for you.

There are however many different options that can be discussed and/or negotiated. There might be the need for a one-off group of sessions which might be considered as a set package and priced differently, or there might also be the possibility of a long-term package where a specific number of sessions can be arranged at a set price.

Consider too the possibility of you helping us to promote our enterprise by earning differing rates of discount or unpaid sessions based on recommendations you make that result in sessions or courses being sold to others.

Most obvious is the fact that the services we offer here are going to be beneficial for everyone and will ultimately give you that value returned to you through your own success, be it as an individual or as a corporation.

Finally, there are many opportunities planned for the future for you to take part in, where special rates will be offered for participants with a proven track record of courses with us.

Keep an eye out for upcoming promotional activities related to our launch, teething stages and final walk along the path to mutual success.

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