How to use...

This is a selection of useful hints that should help you make better use of your study tools.

Google Keep

This is an example of some of the help available through the Make Use of site. You can access their site here

SGDEnglish and Google KEEP

When giving in-person sessions, I always encourage participants to keep notes of important tips. When doing so, it is quite a simple task to follow what they have written and correct any mistakes as they appear.

Online sessions present us with this challenge of replicating the same note taking capabilities and verification as we work through each session. After testing so many options available on the internet, I found that Google KEEP provides the user with a very similar possibility. It takes very little time to learn how to use the very basic options and the results speak for themselves.

Included here are some tips on how to start using KEEP and also how to make it more useful in your other day-to-day tasks.


This is an online utility to help you edit PDF documents, annotate these documents and also apply a digital signature if and when needed.

Instructions on how to get the best from DocHub will be posted some time soon.

Google Workspace

This suite includes Google SHEETS (an online Excel replacement), Google DOCS (an online WORD replacement) and Google SLIDES (an online POWERPOINT replacement)

While perfectly adequate for a great number of uses, these tools hardly match the extensive capabilities of their Microsoft equivalents. They are however, better matched for online and collaborative tasks and are much less resource hungry than many other Apps.


I had always been a Google CHROME fan for many years until I found my computer getting slower and slower, to the point where my productivity had dropped close to zero. I tried updating the processor on my computer and added more memory but to no avail.

Then Microsoft announced that they had adopted the same basic engine that CHROME was built around to develop their next-generation EDGE browser. I tested the first few iterations until there was enough of what I wanted in the EDGE product. I very soon stopped using CHROME and adjusted to the limitations of EDGE, only to find that my computer was drastically faster and my productivity was way back to what it had been in the past.

I have since, uninstalled CHROME and have stuck to EDGE with no regrets. EDGE has become not only a fine browser but also offers more than the original CHROME did. I would recommend that anyone running an old version of CHROME on their computers, upgrade NOW to the very latest version, or move to EDGE.

More recently, CHROME has been improved dramatically to give it more functions and options. I haven't tested it yet, but some reviews suggest that it has improved immensely.

In the article below, there is news of Google desperately trying to bring CHROME back from the dead to provide a better experience for their users.